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Take your daily dose of motivation with inspirational quotes and positive affirmations. The most advanced motivational application to date.

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The Motivational App to Make Real Life Changes

An app that puts thousands of inspirational quotes, positive affirmations & motivational speeches at your fingertips⭐ Better your life with daily reminders that you can do it and that hard times don’t last forever. The words you read and say matter, so why not use them to empower yourself?

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Quotes Are Powerful

Start each morning with a random quote of the day that’ll give you new ideas to help you achieve your goals! Quotes are like little pieces of wisdom, and Motivatory puts them directly in your pocket. Whenever you need a motivation dose, pull out your phone, open the app, and–pow!–watch your mentality shift and your confidence skyrocket!

Don’t Go Through Hard Times Alone

Whatever you’re going through, whether it’s anxiety, depression, or a breakup, it’s easy to feel alone. But having access to authors’ advice and guidance will remind you that others have been through the same struggles and managed to find success and turn a new leaf.

A Never-Ending Library of Daily Motivation

Motivatory has a catalog of thousands and thousands of quotes, affirmations, and speeches conveniently organized into categories, like Sports Motivation and Self Confidence. You can easily find the perfect message to guide you through specific moments in life, even if it’s just to find the energy to workout at the gym or the courage to call an old friend.

  • Inspiring Quotes

    The app includes a wide range of categories such as personal growth, relationship, work and productivity or hard moments.

  • Positive Affirmations

    See thousands of affirmations and quotes along with the author's name. Like or sharing inspirational quotes or affirmations in social media

  • Record & Listen Your Voice

    Record & Listen your favorite quote or affirmation. Listen them everyday. Repetition makes all the difference!

  • Watch Motivational Speeches

    Stay motivated by watching motivational speeches from some of the world's most inspiring speakers exclusively in-app.

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Why love this app?

Thousands of motivational videos

Don’t Just Read It–See It! Reading inspiring quotes and positive affirmations is powerful, but sometimes you need to hear the words from the horse’s mouth!

• On Motivatory, exclusively in-app, you can watch motivational videos of some of the most influential figures the world has ever seen.
• Wake up or go to sleep to the powerful orations of fighters, entrepreneurs, and athletes who have mastered the art of self-growth and self-discipline

Don't just read affirmations – BECOME THEM!

With Motivatory, you can make audio recordings of your favorite affirmations, save them to the app, and listen to them whenever you’re feeling sad, uncertain, or alone. What better form of self-care is there than using your own voice to remind yourself that you are worth it and that you are capable?

Daily Reminders

Feeling motivated and inspired is a constant effort. Make the process easy on yourself by setting daily motivational reminders on your Motivatory app. You can decide how often and how many notifications you receive throughout the day to ensure you stay positive and on track

Add your own quotes

Do you have a personal quote or affirmation that brings you happiness and motivation? Great! You can add your own messages to the app so that they’re always kept in a safe and convenient place.

Home Screen Motivation Widget

Our phones are a big part of our daily lives, and they’re also responsible for a lot of our stress. Receiving a frustrating work notification and scrolling through social media and text messages can damage all the self-growth we’ve been trying to achieve.

Wide range of background image themes

Motivatory has a lot of carefully chosen themes to choose from and which are updated frequently.

The best app which helps you stay motivated every day

The Science Behind Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations feel good for a reason, and there’s scientific evidence to help explain why! Research has discovered that repeating uplifting affirmations rewires your mind on a cellular level. Because our brains can’t decipher what’s real and what isn’t, you can determine who you want to be and how you want to feel through the words that you tell yourself

So, start focusing on positivity instead of negativity today!
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Custom Reminders

Set unlimited reminders to keep motivated

Configure your daily reminders to make motivate fit your habits. Motivatory has a lot of quotes and positive affirmations, which will help you get through the hard times in your life.

You can also set a widget on your home screen that reminds you to stay positive no matter the circumstances! Each time you open your phone, you’ll get that motivation dose that can make all the difference in positively shifting your perspective.


Amazing interface

This isn’t just some motivational app–no, no, no! Motivatory is a tool to make real, long-lasting changes one word at a time! When you sign-up to be a member, it’s the beginning of a new chapter, a new way of thinking, and a new you. What more could you ask for?

The app has the ultimate user-friendly experience that makes searching for the perfect quote, affirmation, or motivational speech as easy as one, two, three! You can even choose from inspiring and thought-provoking in-app wallpapers to take your motivation to the next level!

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